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Burdman Group and Family Service Agency have consolidated into the newly named “Compass Family & Community Services” effective July 1, 2011. Together we will maintain the rich history of our combined 142 years of service.  We will continue to provide quality, family and person-centered services that are efficient and effective.


While the names of our agencies have changed, the programs/services and the people will remain the same.  Our newly consolidated agency is committed to serving our community.  The consolidation was mission driven and designed to better meet the needs of those we serve.


Program Descriptions and Contact Information:




v  Daybreak is a ten-bed residential crisis shelter for youth 12 to 18 years of age serving Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana Counties.  The only shelter serving these counties, and one of only 11 shelters in the state of Ohio. 2611 Homestead Avenue, Youngstown. 

      CONTACT:  Jan Baharis - 330-782-2397


v  Sojourner House Domestic Violence Services provides a comprehensive program of crisis intervention, counseling, judicial advocacy and shelter for victims of domestic violence in Mahoning County. 

      CONTACT:  Malinda Gavins - 330-747-4040 or 24-hour crisis line - 866-436-6269


v  Behavioral Health Residential Services provide affordable, high quality housing to individuals with serious psychological or mental disabilities.  COMPASS operates a total of seven (7) behavioral health facilities.

      CONTACT:  Tom Arens - 330-743-9275


Four (4) located in Mahoning County:


  1. The Doris Burdman Home (DBH) provides a safe, supervised, supportive environment where individuals work toward achieving specific personal goals through intensive collaboration with community treatment providers. DBH serves persons from Mahoning County who require an intermediate length of stay in a supervised but non-clinical setting; and who need to accomplish specific goals in order to move to a less supervised environment.  These persons must enter the facility voluntarily, must be medically stable; and must not present a significant risk to self/others.

          CONTACT: Tom Arens - 330-743-9275


  1. Gardenview Apartments is a 15-unit, dormitory-style apartment complex located on the grounds of the Doris Burdman Home designed to provide safe, affordable, and acceptable housing to individuals experiencing the disabling effects of a serious mental or psychological problem.  Tenants have access to staff for medication monitoring and emergencies, if needed.

          CONTACT:  330-743-9275


  1. Veritas House is a 15-unit, dormitory-style apartment complex designed to provide safe, affordable, and acceptable housing to individuals experiencing the disabling effects of a serious mental or psychological problem.  It is supervised 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week by Compass staff.

          CONTACT:  330-743-9275


  1. Maplewood Manor offers 20 efficiency apartments designed to provide safe, affordable, and acceptable housing to individuals experiencing the disabling effects of a serious mental or psychological problem. Individuals must be capable of living independently and safely without supervision.

          CONTACT:  330-743-9275


Three (3) in Trumbull County:


  1. Campbell Apartments is designed to provide safe, affordable, and acceptable housing to individuals experiencing the disabling effects of a serious mental or psychological problem. Persons served are individuals who wish to live independently but who, because of a mental or psychological disability, are living within limited financial means.  There are 18 units.

          CONTACT:  Bendetta Lee - 330-898-6992


  1. Riverbend Center provides a short-term, residential intervention to stabilize acute psychiatric or behavioral symptoms and to develop plans to meet the post-discharge needs of persons served. When possible, Riverbend is used as a pre-emptive measure to avoid unnecessary hospitalization.

          CONTACT:  Linda Emmerich - 330-898-6992


 3.   Community Solutions' programs strive to partner with individuals, families and organizations for the purpose of developing

      knowledge, attitudes and skills to make positive life choices. Community Solutions provides high quality drug and

      alcohol Prevention, Intervention, Counseling and Treatment designed to strengthen and improve the well-being of

      children, families and the community.

           CONTACT:  Kathy LaMarco or Ed Dyer - 330-394-9090




v  These services are designed to maximize employability skills and access community employment for individuals with disabilities and individuals with socio-economic challenges as well as to assist low wage earning individuals retain employment and assist in career ladder opportunities.

      CONTACT:  Diane DeJulio or  Joyce Loychik - 330-480-4384


v  Family Financial Education Services provides residents of Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana Counties:  financial/credit counseling, education, pre and post bankruptcy counseling, help in resolving credit, debt and housing issues (mortgage and rentals), first time homebuyer workshops and various community education programs.

       CONTACT:  Ron Clifton - 330-782-5664 





v  The Rape Crisis and Counseling Center provides crisis counseling for victims of sexual assault and other violent crimes and their significant others at hospital emergency rooms  Short-term counseling, group support, a 24-hour telephone crisis line, criminal justice support and advocacy, community education for residents or victims seeking help are among the other services provided residents of Mahoning County. (The only comprehensive rape crisis services in Mahoning County).  .

      CONTACT:  Lynn Bilal - 330-782-5664 or 24-Hour Crisis Line - 330-782-3936


v  Guardianship Program provides assessment services and guardianship for Mahoning County adults, 55 or older, considered being at risk for neglect, abuse or exploitation. (The only guardianship program in Mahoning County). 

      CONTACT:  Sande Miller – 330-782-5664 


v  Ryan White provides supportive services, information, referral and linkage to community services to persons in Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana and Jefferson counties diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.  These services are the only of its kind in a four county area. 

      CONTACT:  Sande Miller – 330-782-5664 


v  Counseling Services provides: family, group, individual, marital counseling, and community support services to persons in Mahoning, Trumbull, & Columbiana Counties with problems in family and marriage relationships, school, personality adjustment, unmarried parenthood, mental health issues, domestic violence and other life crises. The goal is to create a therapeutic relationship with a licensed mental health professional within which a person can achieve insight and change in areas of their lives with which they are dissatisfied. Psychiatric services are also available. 

      CONTACT:  Michele Vrable – 330-782-5664


v  Behavioral Health Case Management Services provides a system of support and assistance to individuals with serious mental health disorders in order to help them to achieve an optimum quality of life. 

      CONTACT:  Michele Vrable – 330-782-5664 


v  Intensive Community Treatment Team provides more intensive community support and other services to Trumbull County residents with severe and persistent mental illness.  This Team seeks to assist consumers with improving their understanding of behaviors and/or lifestyle changes, which will enable them to live more successfully in the least restrictive environment.  Services include psychiatric sessions with a doctor, medication management services through nursing staff, case management and counseling services.  

      CONTACT:  Kim Connor – 330-393-0598




v  External Operations offered to other nonprofit & community organizations which will include: marketing, event planning, grant writing, and back-office support services such as grant fiscal administration and financial support services. 

      CONTACT:  330-782-5664

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